September News

A little overview of what we have been up to this month.

London Exhibitions: The creative buzz

September in London celebrates creativity and is a great time to visit. London Fashion Week and London Design Festival #LDF2021 co-exist and share the spotlight.

At Kinship, we love to explore, feel inspired and enjoy the latest creativity on offer, we were fortunate to spent a day out of the office immersing ourselves. As part of the #LDF2021, we attended the ‘Unboxing Show’ by Peter Marigold at Coal Drops Yard.

Our traditional packaging interpretation of unboxing encompasses the consumer experience, the theatre of opening, ultimately the luxury connotations. Peter Marigold’s skills in creating cardboard models from waste highlight the versatility of the material. Old cereals boxes are transformed into fruit bowls, bookshelves and even record players.

A fitting venue for the ‘Unboxing Show’ is at Coal Drops Yard which is synonymous with art and creativity as made famous by architect Thomas Heatherwick whose designs helped regenerate the area into a multi functional space to co-exist with art.

New Launch: Dumle Fudge

Dumle Fudge was born out of a desire to create a new product offering within the Dumle portfolio that enhances the unique Dumle taste but plays into a new product type with texture being the key differentiator – expanding the product offering away from its traditional NPD offerings of flavoured toffee variants such as banana and lime.

The fudge concept offers something new and unique to the Dumle portfolio. Dumle Fudge is designed to drive new consumers to the brand through a sharing occasion, whilst offering a completely new product experience for existing consumers. It was created to sit alongside the existing range and aid the brand growth into new markets such as Denmark and Poland.

Recent work: NPD Taste explorations

Fazer’s strategic NPD growth review identified unmet opportunities across key segments and brands. Good quality chocolate is given; but flavour trends, textures and occasion are key drivers when mapping the NPD pipeline. As a brand Fazer, has it’s chocolatey finger on the pulse, seeing multiple NPD product launches tapping into these unmet needs and occasions.

As an outcome to these projects our designs, include a new flavour proposition for the Geisha brand, moving it from its traditional hazelnut flavour profile to a complimentary Caramel and Seasalt and Karl Fazer, introducing a new ‘on the go big eat’ to rival the category lead Tupla. All of our great designs uniquely balance brand hierarchy and product messaging to connect with their consumers.


Meet one of our creative designers: Alice Darby

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?
My favourite way to spend a day off would be going around vintage shops/markets/charity shops! I love buying second hand and recycling.

Where’s the next place on your travel bucket list and why?
I am going to Japan next September for a family holiday, which I think will be an amazing cultural experience.

What was the last book you read?
I have just finished reading American Dirt by Jeannie Cummins. Possibly one of the best books I have ever read!

What song always gets you out on the dance floor?
Literally any song! If there’s a dance floor, I am on it 😀

More exciting news coming soon!!!