Summer News

The joys of summer are here; it’s a time to celebrate and share our news from the Kinship Creative team.



Recruiting younger status experts

This exciting new end-to-end innovation from The Macallan is not targeted at the brands existing fans or loyal older whisky connoisseurs, this experience has been created to drive brand desire amongst younger status experts. We created The Macallan Double Cask experience to increase engagement, brand awareness and create a remote consumer experience at the exclusive Macallan distillery. Leading the approach from early ideation to final delivery. The project centred around an in-depth look into the consumer journey and requirements for every touch point from packaging to production of the online tasting with The Macallan’s master whisky maker.




Successful consumer engagement

FUN Light is the iconic major player in the Norwegian soft cordial category with a 34% market share. The challenge for FUN Light is to go head-to-head with their competitor Zeroh! and increase penetration and purchase frequency with consumers through creating a new campaign led pack design to engage consumers in new ways. After the first two weeks, there was 10% engagement with the Norwegian population. We look forward to seeing the continued momentum of this campaign.




Evolving roles of photography & graphics

Status seeking is a deep human desire within us and the only thing that changes is the way we achieve it. Status for me used to be owning the latest album, Coexist by The XX being my all-time favourite album cover. With this in mind, a recent visit to the  For the Record exhibition, highlighted the central role photography & graphics has played in defining artists across the decades. Today, digital self-expression & status is growing, with 50% of Gen Zers, Yers, and Xers interested in buying NFT’s this year. I’m excited to see how the metaverse will ramp up online self-expression, creating commercial opportunities for brands thus developing the role of photography and graphics.




Back to real life experiences

As we emerge from digital hibernation and make up for lost time, IRL experiences are back and experience hunters are out to enjoy life again. A recent visit to the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark blew our minds!

The purpose of LEGO House is to bring the LEGO brand to life through play, allowing for positive experiences which facilitate a deeper connection with consumers by engaging the senses, creating positive emotions, building trust and brand advocacy.




Brands jubilee response

The UK goes into full celebration this week for the Queen’s platinum jubilee – an awe-inspiring 70 years on the throne.

However, one-in-five Britons feel that the only time that they can indulge in patriotism is during large events where national pride is encouraged. Brands are responding in all sorts of ways with a plethora of celebratory limited edition products, activation campaigns & memorabilia. The confectionery and biscuit categories lead the way with gifting and sharing limited edition packs.




Excite, engage, recruit, grow

With less rules, limited edition is an opportunity for a brand to free itself from its everyday expression and engage consumers in new ways. It can have a positive effect if done well, such as a 50% increase in first-time customers, a boost in summer sales, more buzz on social media, to name but a few.

Our deep dive explores how brands can define their limited edition strategy to successfully provide ROI through brand growth and consumer connection. Get in touch to find out about our approach.

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