Berry Elegance

High-quality delicious milk chocolate is what Karl Fazer is known for.  As a highly innovative and creative brand, Fazer sought to challenge traditional and conventional perceptions of product format with the new Berry Pearls concept,  providing an indulgent treat for those consumers looking for premium snacking on the go. Berry Pearls is the perfect combination of pure ingredients with delicious Karl Fazer chocolate.

Aesthetically the new range needed to evoke a stylish and elegant femininity that would help to strengthen the brands positioning in the minds of females (25+yrs) who are looking for good food and value the best taste experiences. The design uses the iconic Karl Fazer blue in a premium metallic finish with indulgent photography to communicate the best taste experience. Additional natural design detailing and a focus on the pure berry ingredients enrobed in chocolate excites the consumer with this innovation from a much-loved brand.

  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography
  • Production Artwork
  • Proofing

This was such an exciting and successful product launch from Karl Fazer and a really welcomed innovation by the retailers.

Sari Leppioja -
Senior Specialist, Packaging Design, Fazer Confectionery