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May 2024 has been a whirlwind of activity here at Kinship! With so many exciting projects in the pipeline, we’re buzzing with anticipation to share our latest news with you soon. Brands have also been bustling with activity, launching new products, unveiling innovations, and gearing up for a sizzling summer ahead. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the intriguing developments catching our eye lately.

This month, we’re talking about:

  • The NEC Food & Drink Show
  • Brand demergers – their challenges & opportunities
  • Our client survey results 2024
  • Disruption with iconic assets
  • Vodka redefined
  • Master brand partnerships
  • BTL In-store: Brand at every turn



Trends in Wellness

Attending the Food & Drink show at NEC was compelling, showcasing a vibrant mix of established and challenger brands. A standout category was the abundance of water-related products, each with unique propositions like sustainability and flavour variations. Tea blends and functional drinks, from CBD-infused to kombucha, underscored the wellness trend. This dynamic event highlighted the industry’s innovation and consumer focus on healthy lifestyles. It’s an engaging time to witness these trends shaping consumer habits, reflecting the industry’s ever-evolving landscape.



Brands: Demergers, Challenges, Opportunities?

In today’s market, demergers present challenges and opportunities for brands like Pimms, Linda McCartney, St. Tropez, and Unilever’s ice cream division. Brands need to keep their integrity and consumer trust intact. To ease uncertainties, brands should focus on clear communication, stressing their commitment to quality and values.  Branding and packaging design can also play a crucial role in maintaining brand recognition, reinforcing loyalty and attracting consumers. Moreover, embracing innovation and flexibility afterwards can ensure brands stay nimble in response to market shifts. By staying customer-centric and true to their identity, brands can navigate demergers smoothly, emerging stronger and more resilient. For a brand health check book a complimentary call.



Interested in our client opinions?

Once again, we have been running our annual client partner survey. This is our deep dive into our client needs so that we can align and exceed their needs. We are delighted to announce that 100% of respondents rated Kinship as exceeding their expectations of a brand identity & packaging agency. Here’s what they say…

“Kinship continually impresses us after 8 years working together. Their creative consistently challenges and excites, surpassing expectations”

“Working with Kinship is a game-changer. Their team of expert creatives and strategic thinkers is not only reliable but also incredibly efficient. They’ve saved us countless hours, allowing us to focus on what truly matters.”

“We provide the seed; Kinship cultivates the magic.”

Do you need Team Kinship in your corner? 



Undoing brand building or not?

Consistency is key – just ask Coca-Cola. Their iconic logo, virtually unchanged for over 80 years, boasts a staggering 94% global recognition rate. Take their latest ‘recycle me’ campaign, featuring real-life images of crushed cans turned into individual poster masterpieces. Love it or question its green credentials, there’s no denying Coca-Cola’s status as one of the world’s most iconic brands. With a wealth of experience in strengthening and evolving iconic brands, we’re the agency to take yours to the next level. Get in touch to find out how.



Grey Goose Altius:Vodka Redefined

Vodka is a dynamic category, continually investing in its growth and refinement. A prime example of resurgence is Grey Goose, once adrift but now commanding attention at the heart of the table. Enter their latest limited edition, Grey Goose Altius, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from high-altitude crystallization and sub-zero filtration. The bottle’s sleek design, reminiscent of ultra-prestige tequila, exudes elegance, with a punt featuring a majestic mountain, weaving a captivating narrative. With a strategic launch in select beach clubs and urban hubs, Grey Goose reclaims its throne as a pinnacle of prestige in the market. Embracing iconic structural design, it stands tall, commanding the spotlight at every bar.



Excel at brand partnerships

Brand partnerships are a hot topic at Kinship and we excel in categorising and advising on innovative collaborations that truly resonate with our clients’ brands. Recent standouts examples we have seen recently in market are AllTrails and Calm, a timely match for Mental Health Awareness Week, offering a refreshing escape and a boost for mental well-being. In the FMCG realm, Heinz x Cathedral City takes the gold for an irresistible pairing of cheesy goodness. With both brands leading their categories, it’s a recipe for success. Plus, the pack architecture is a triumph, enhancing the overall experience. Want to explore innovative partnerships or tap into our expertise in pack architecture? Let’s chat.



BTL In-Store: Brand at Every Turn

The UK’s below-the-line in-store marketing has surged this year, but is it reaching saturation? Retail giants like Sainsbury’s are pushing for brand presence not just within fixtures but throughout their surroundings. Take, for instance, an aisle boasting activations from five different brands—an occurrence replicated across the store, resulting in a discord of competing voices. The most successful campaigns cut through the clutter, offering immersive product experiences, educational content, and strategic cross-selling opportunities. Central to this are innovations like cardboard engineering and digital screens, which serve as powerful tools for engagement. However, if brand assets and messaging fail to resonate, the result can be overwhelming noise rather than meaningful connection. As experts in the field, let’s discuss the optimal strategy for your brand.

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