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As the sun shines brighter and summer vibes fill the air, June is the perfect month to ignite your creativity and refresh your brand’s presence. This month, we’re diving deep into the latest trends, innovative packaging designs, and cutting-edge strategies that are shaping the future of branding. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the intriguing news catching our eye lately.

This month, we’re talking about:

  • Challenging the status quo
  • What can we learn from limited edition Euro’s football mania?
  • The importance of colour & protecting it
  • The future of the miniature
  • Why brands focus on minimalistic design?



Challenging the status quo

All too often, our briefs include the line “stand out and be different.” The answer is quite simple: be brave, be different. But how do you reassure internally that the solution is right? The key lies in solid insight, whether for packaging or campaigns. This is something we’ve championed across all touchpoints over the last eight years working on Naked Malt—our latest work is coming soon.

A stellar example of this approach is the newly launched campaign from Espolon Tequila. “To the Bone embraces the cultural insight that no thirst for status takes an unapologetic attitude”. Departing from the industry-standard agave fields, Espolon’s campaign swaps this backdrop for the contemporary vibrancy of Mexico City, creating a bold and memorable statement.

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Leveraging limited edition packaging

Limited edition packaging designs for football-related products can powerfully capture the excitement and passion surrounding major events like UEFA EURO 2024. By integrating iconic visuals, local relevance, exclusivity, strategic partnerships, and interactive experiences, these designs can turn products into highly coveted items for fans and collectors alike. But it’s not just sporting events that can benefit from a limited edition strategy. Have you considered leveraging seasonal opportunities, anniversaries, or gifting occasions—all without altering the core product?

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Protecting Brand Colour Identity

Colour plays a pivotal role in brand identity, serving as a powerful tool for recognition and emotional connection with consumers. The recent court case involving Nidar and Freia underscores the critical importance of protecting a brand’s distinctive colour. In this case, the dispute centred around the use of specific shades that both companies claimed as integral to their brand image. For Nidar and Freia, these colours are not just aesthetic choices but vital components of their market presence and consumer loyalty. The court’s decision underscores the critical importance for brands to legally safeguard their unique colour palettes, ensuring their competitive edge is maintained and their visual trademarks are protected against dilution or infringement, particularly in relation to colour trademark protection, trademark infringement, and unfair business practices. This case is a stark reminder that in the crowded marketplace, owning and protecting a brand’s colour and consistent colour management can be as important as its name or logo, making it a valuable asset worth defending vigorously.

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Bailey’s Eco-Friendly Innovation

Bailey’s has taken a bold step towards sustainability with its new miniature paper-based packaging trial, and the design speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly innovation. The sleek, biodegradable paper bottle retains the elegance of the iconic Bailey’s aesthetic, while offering a tactile, eco-conscious alternative to traditional glass. This innovative approach not only reduces environmental impact but also appeals to a growing segment of consumers who prioritize sustainability. However, while the paper-based packaging is a commendable move, its durability and ability to preserve the quality of the rich, creamy liqueur inside will be critical factors for its success. This trial represents a promising leap forward in combining luxury with sustainability, potentially setting a new standard for the industry.



Why brands focus on minimalistic design?

In today’s competitive market, the continued focus on minimalistic design in packaging serves as a strategic tool to enhance brand recognition and consumer engagement. Minimalism allows brands to emphasize core elements such as logos, colours, and fonts in a clean, uncluttered manner, ensuring these identifiers are easily remembered by consumers. Moreover, minimalist design creates a distinctive brand identity that stands out amidst competitors, fostering strong consumer associations. It also facilitates consistency across product lines, reinforcing brand image and aiding in effective storytelling. This approach not only conveys a premium brand perception but also strengthens brand equity by enhancing recognition and recall. Discover how to maximize your brand’s impact by leveraging minimalist design principles—contact us to elevate your iconic assets effectively.

As June brings longer days and brighter skies, it’s the perfect time to tackle those brand challenges or breathe life into that brilliant idea you’ve been brewing. We’re all ears and ready to offer the guidance and creative solutions you need. At our core, we’re passionate about shaping brand success through our creativity and your vision.

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