Baked with Care

In true innovative style, Fazer identified new consumer occasions and the opportunity to create a new sub-category within biscuits, savoury biscuits. Fazer Biscuit Bites are a premium product, made with high-quality real ingredients for uncompromising taste across a range of flavours.

Fazer Biscuit Bites have a core consumer who seeks quality, real products and full satisfaction indulgence moments. It was important to stand out from the biscuit shelf, therefore, the design breaks category codes by using white to stand out from competitors whilst still maintaining a premium position. A strong design architecture benefits the range navigation of the flavour variants with the use of colour coding and an individual pattern per biscuit flavour.

A photography approach that is different from the usual category codes has been used on the pack. This is bold, adds taste appeal and proudly displays the real indulgent ingredients in a modern way to meet the needs of the consumer.

“Kinship fully understood the challenge of this brief allowing us to enter into a new sub-category and expand our offering. Positive feedback has been received from the retailers and this has allowed the range to be cross-merchandised within the cheese fixture in store.”

Noora Hiltula – Senior Design Manager, Fazer Confectionery