Purely Timeless

Pure Dark was a brand developed from consumer insights and innovation. The design is confidently timeless and shows pride in its Finnish heritage, as well as being functional with clear navigation of the sophisticated flavours. It was important for the premium design to reflect the finest quality ingredients Fazer is known for.

Pure Dark appeals to a more discerning consumer using distinctive brand equities in an eye-catching and stylish way. In addition to this, it was important to support the brands premium position with tactile detailing and a differentiated tablet shape. The innovative chocolate mould utilises the brand assets with different sized pieces for different chocolate moments, all contained within a resealable pack to enhance the eating occasion.

“As a trusted partner, Kinship bring superb understanding to the design process. Can delve deep into consumer insights and create tailored and creative designs. Pure Dark launched with great success and has grown into a distinctive dark chocolate brand in Finland.”